Client Testimonials

" Rachael found us our dream home - within hours of it being listed! After over a year of looking with another agent, and making multiple competitive offers, we were starting to think that we would have to compromise considerably if we ever wanted to buy a house on the Hill. Then we started working with Rachael, who encouraged us not to compromise, but to be patient and open-minded – and in just a couple of months, she found us a home that far exceeded our expectations, and needless to say, we’re thrilled! Rachael worked incredibly hard to get us in our home, and we are forever grateful. Her knowledge of real estate is phenomenal, and it was such a comfort to have someone on our side who is an expert in real estate law. Also, she has inspector-like home construction knowledge; she meticulously went through each home we saw with her to check for any oddities or issues, to ensure that we were fully informed. We’d highly recommend working with Rachael – on top of her skills and success – she’s just a delight to work with! "

Jenifer and Ben Chapman, International Public Health Advisors (Capitol Hill SE)


"We bought a house with Rachael's help and she was a delight to work with, a quick study with a light touch and great expertise.  It is terrific to have a real estate agent who was trained as a lawyer and knows the legal ins and outs of house purchase, knowing the questions to put to the lawyers."

David Lightfoot, Professor, Georgetown University (Foxhall)


" Thanks again for making this a priority.  We really appreciate your urgency in regards to putting my Grandmother’s home on the market… My mother just told me the good news about my Grandmother’s home being sold.  Thank you for your patience and diligence in selling the property in such a short time period."   

Barbara A Wickstrand, Bridge Realty/TC Rental Houses, Minneapolis (Palisades)

" Rachael, is top notch! She’s attentive, responsive and clearly takes a lot of pride in making sure her clients are well taken care of. Rachael, time and time again, answered all of my questions, provided me with tremendously helpful insight, and cheerfully drove me from property to property until I found one that met my needs. As a first-time home buyer, I felt I was going to be overwhelmed by the entire process. However, as a result of teaming up Rachael, that never happened. Her perseverance and ability to address all the legalities involved proved invaluable and helped me stay optimistic and focused the entire time. Thanks to her, I ultimately purchased a home that I’m comfortable and tremendously content be in. I simply can not express how grateful I am to have had Rachael on my side and looking out for my best interests."

Carlos Pinto, (Brookland, RI Metro)


"   Choosing Rachael Abramson to be my realtor to sell my home was one of the best and smartest things I ever did.  She was an absolute joy to work with and from the outset earned my complete confidence and trust.  You can always count on Rachael to put the needs and interests of her clients first, even at some sacrifice to her own interests.  Moreover I think the range of services which she and her team are equipped to provide to their clients must be unequalled.  In addition to being a skilled real estate broker and excellent negotiator, Rachael brings to bear her wisdom and knowledge as an accomplished real estate attorney.  Add to this the extensive experience which she and her teammates have in the area of real estate investment, renovation, and property management and you have a one of a kind outfit.  Rachael knows how to find competent contractors who will do a first rate job in making any needed home repairs or improvements, and at a very reasonable and indeed modest price. (Rachael brings to bear her keen sense of value and frugality when it comes to spending her clients money!)

When Rachael says she believes commissions are to be earned and that she and her group are hands-on realtors, fully prepared to invest their own sweat equity in the job as required, I can attest that that is an understatement! Rachael was literally worth her weight in gold to me.

My own situation was one that would have put any realtor to the test as preparing to leave my home of 45 years and move to the west coast literally took forever, accompanied by many bumps in the road, begining with a neighbor who wanted to effect a private deal, which ended very badly.  In the end I had to simply make the move and dump everything in Rachael's lap, including overseeing the numerous repairs and renovations required to ready the house for the market, and she did an utterly fantastic job, all for the price of a song.  My children couldn't recognize the house they had grown up in after seeing the marketing photographs of her end product.  And throughout the entire ordeal Rachael remained her usual cheerful self and was the soul of patience and understanding. I came to treasure her as a friend as well as realtor.

Shirley Spohr, Retired (Palisades)